You are here to spark a revolution of love. Your visionary business or organization exists to effect change. Step into Your Purpose, onto Your Path, and fully express your one-of-a-kind Passion Play. Begin with the whole of who you are. Explore the 24 “soular systems” by clicking on the symbols below or connect for information on consulting and publishing services.

A Year of Creative Revolutions

The 8 SEEDS Systems to Connect to Your Essential Self and All that Matters Most

The Clearing Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST2- Energy Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST3-Awakening Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST4-Essence Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST5-Interior Design Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST6-Mission Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST7-Expansion Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST8-Destiny Map System | WHAT MATTERS MOST



The 8 STAR Systems to Connect to Your Essential Journey and All that Matters Most

9-Life Map System 10-Dream Map System 11-Vision Map System 12-Ideas Map System 13-Future Map System 14-Business Map System 15-Brand Map System 16-Book Map System



The 8 SEA Systems to Connect to Your Essential Truth

17-Inner Connection Map System 18-InterConnectivity Map System 19-Wholeness Map System 20-Healing Map System 21-TransformationMap System 22-Revitalization Map System 23-Truth Map System 24-Beauty Map System