You feel it in your bones. It’s your time to fly. To come back to LIFE and Live In Full Expression. To Spark a Revolution of Love. If you want radiant expansion and creative revolutions in your life and visionary business, begin within.

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* SEEDS = soulful exploration for the essential discovery of the self. The sacred seeds of your creative revolutions, in life and in business, are always found within. SEEDS practices help you cultivate you and water the world with the fullest expression of who you are. As long as you are subscribed, you will receive exclusive SEEDS videos each month and a complimentary copy of my book, Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul, a “message in a bottle for the world”. We value our connection and do not share your information.


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YOUR HEART KNOWS there is more. Your SOUL
than simple reinvention. You want
a revelation,
a radical restoration, a creative revolution.

There’s a fire burning. A new wind blowing.

Will you dare to spark a REVOLUTION OF LOVE?
Yes, love actually. Love is who you are.

We begin from the inside out.

SAY “YES!” TO LIFE. Become the powerful agent of change
you were born to be. Follow Momentum Action Pathways
(that’s your MAP!) and fresh IDEAS from Dawn


 Dawn Richerson, CEO, Creative Revolutions Inc.Dawn Richerson ~ Brand Essence CardDawn Richerson, Chief Exploration Officer, Creative Revolutions Inc.






Dawn Richerson founded Creative Revolutions in 1997. She continues to provide soulful, strategic support
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