Creative Revolutions - What's Your Revolution of Love?







Founded by in 1997, initially providing marketing communications services to purpose-centered organizations, Creative Revolutions now embraces a broader mission to support change from the inside out, individually and collectively. We stand for a whole new way forward together.

All Meaningful Change Happens from the Inside Out. We Begin Within.

Through the years, it has become clear to be that all meaningful change happens from the inside out. You bring greater meaning, value, and love into the world through your “fine gifts of original design,” and each of us can only share those gifts effectively when we know WHO we are and WHY we have come to be. I bring together my own creative, intuitive, and strategic gifts to help you expand the reach of your unique vision for the world by helping you connect to what matters most and expand radiantly from within.

I believe we are all here to come fully to LIFE {Live in Full Expression} — to bring forward a particular play of light, share an essential story of life, and spark a revolution of love. Let’s be honest, isn’t it all about love? It’s why we do what we do. We are, as individuals and as organizations, uniquely designed and fully equipped to do so. It is just a matter of harnessing our inner energy and communicating consistently.

A Year of Creative Revolutions: Your Play of Light