There are three primary pathways I have sought to walk in my life.
These pathways have led me to a way of being the most “me” I can be
and expanding radiantly into all the infinite possibilities that exist for me here.

The exploration of each of these pathways has led me to a reconnection
with what matters most in my life—my Essential Self, my Essential Journey,
and my Essential Truth. When I realized how almost everything that matters
to me has been born from my willingness to walk in the way of my life along
these pathways, I knew I was meant to share them with you.


The LIFE Path of Soul Exploration and a reconnection to
YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF with SEEDS Tools and Practices

The LIFE Path of Soul Expression and a reconnection to
YOUR ESSENTIAL JOURNEY with STAR Tools and Practices

The LIFE Path of Soul Expansion and a reconnection to
YOUR ESSENTIAL TRUTH with SEA Tools and Practices


Integrating the various strands of experience and life learning, have led me to a sustainable way of being in life and life’s work. As I engaged in soulful exploration for the essential discovery of the self (SEEDS), my STAR “star-gazing” practices for connecting to my soul’s truth and radiance, and my soul essence art (SEA) process along the three pathways, I found a deeper, truer, purer essence within. My life blossomed. Dreams started coming true. I smiled more.

Sometimes walking these three pathways to purpose meant standing in the not knowing even as I opened myself to radiant expansion by courageously exploring whatever was presented (sometimes beautiful, sometimes mysterious, sometimes downright terrifying). Other times I had to take huge leaps of faith and trust the life was working in my favor. It was! It is!!

I want to invite you into an experience of your STAR power—your soul’s truth and radiance. Today, wherever you are when you are reading this, I want you to know that you were born to fly free. This, right here, right now, is your invitation to the dance of your life. If you are looking for an immersion experience, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, I want to invite you to consider meeting me for Your Essential Day—a full day of coaching and consulting, customized to your particular needs and goals—or connect for a strategic visioning / coaching / consulting call. 

Wherever your journey leads you from here, I wish you deep, soulful connection to all that matters most! You are a dynamic and sustainable system, here to bring forward a particular play of light, your essential story of life, and a grace-filled revolution of love. Join me for A Year of Creative Revolutions to come more fully to your LIFE and Live In Full Expression.