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Dawn Richerson

Hi! I’m Dawn Richerson, founder and CEO of Creative Revolutions.

I’ve been partnering with visionary leaders and nonprofit organizations for more than two decades. I specialize in strategic communication that helps you bring your vision to life and expand your reach and impact.

I enjoy using my unique gifts and skills to provide nonprofit consulting services that support organizations on the path to thriving and flourishing connections with the communities they serve.

I bring excellent writing and content development skills together with public relations expertise and a knack for a highly innovative, creative approach to provide communications support for your visionary business or organization.

Unlike many consultants, I am interested in a holistic approach to marketing and communication. I begin with the understanding that your visionary organization is a dynamic and sustainable system, designed to thrive with bold, radiant attraction and natural differentiation (your essential BRAND) and clear communication.

Working directly with the executive director, CEO, or senior member of your leadership team, I support visionary organizations that are ready to lay the groundwork for solid, strategic communication through clear messaging and compelling content.

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Creative Revolutions Is the Award-Winning Strategic Communications Partner
for Visionary Organizations Dedicated to Social Change and Transformation

The radiant realization of your unique vision for local and global change depends upon consistent and effective communication, all emanating from a strong core. Through a foundation of communications systems, organization, and structures supported by a clear and compelling message and the right communications tools, your visionary organization will naturally become radiantly attractive to contributors to the fulfillment of your mission.

How Creative Revolutions Partners with Thriving Organizations 

  • Develop models and unique systems, organization, and structures with visual symbols
    unique to your organization, rooted in natural differentiators and the soul of your organization
  • Create brand message maps that help all those working on the organization’s behalf to communicate
    more clearly and effectively and support message coherence across all communication channels
  • Strategic visioning for radiant expansion supported through a dynamic and sustainable core communications
    practice and implementation of communications programs, processes, and projects
  • Copywriting and communications project management for both internal and external communications projects
  • Capital campaign and fundraising materials
  • Showcase and thought leader book development (writing, editing, publishing — contact Dawn to discuss  Your Extraordinary Book)

Sample Communications Projects and Awards

— Organization received prestigious Chamber of Commerce Award following
key message development with new tagline, presentation, and brochure

— Awards from national professional organization for communications practitioners
for projects for national magazine launch including:

* National PR Campaign
* Special Event / Launch
* Direct Mail, Subscription Campaign
* Direct Mail
* Copy Writing, Multimedia Script

Phoenix Award of Excellence, Total Public Relations and Marketing Campaign, PRSA-GA
for a multifaceted, international marketing campaign

–Awards from national professional organization for communications practitioners
for projects for global nonprofit organization, including:

* Electronic Media, Website
* Electronic Media, CD
* Total Campaign, National Fundraising Campaign
* Special Event, National Conference
* Newsletter

–Dozens of strategic and external communications plans, campaign strategy
and marketing planning projects, brochures, writing and editing projects

Nonprofit Marketing + Nonprofit Communications Projects Dawn Richerson













Client Experience Working with Dawn

Brand Messaging + Collateral Development

I collaborated with Dawn on a communications project to focus a corporate brand for Hi-Hope Service Center that would support their newly established development plan. Dawn has a strong understanding of how important it is for non-profit organizations to establish a strong brand and clearly communicate their mission, visions and programs.

She put together a strategy to meet this objective and implemented the plan in a way that engaged staff, families and clients and most importantly resulted in a well-written brochure and key messages that are being carried over in to all written communication vehicles.

Dawn continues to be a resource for me when I need advice on public relations and communication strategies! Her interpersonal, writing and communications strategy skills are an asset to any organization. I recommend her without reservation. ~ Yvonne Whitaker

Content / Product Development + Communications Strategy

Before I met Dawn, I had a problem of encapsulating ways of presenting my business to an audience that may or may not see the value of what I was presenting. Dawn developed a colorful, one-page communications tool to highlight what we desired to assist customers with. To do this, she asked me not just what I brought to the table (my gifts) but forced me to answer the hard question (what do my customers need?).

Dawn simplified our message by focusing us on an audience-oriented branding, creating an atmosphere with the sole goal of moving prospects to customers through change-oriented communication. We’ve been able to channel our communications and begin with the end in mind, anticipating our prospect’s questions and identifying the action steps that will help the prospect fulfill desired outcomes.

Dawn is truly an innovator in the marketplace of ideas. She turns ideas into communications that connect action to the cause. As a result of Dawn’s marketing support, I’ve been able to sell my products exponentially (20 times my initial sales!) in more diversified markets, with greater effectiveness than ever before. ~ Curtis Williams