ˈkriːdəʊ,ˈkreɪ-/ noun

a statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions
I wrote the Creative Revolutions Credo when I began my business in 1997 and updated it in 2011. It still lights me up and connects me to WHO I am and WHY I have come to be.
We believe you are here to come to LIFE {Live In Full Expression}—to “have life and have it to the full,” as Jesus and many other great teachers have taught us. You are creative and you are here to bring forward your own creative revolution. To bring that forward, you must begin within, individually and in your visionary organization, accessing what matters most.

Read the Creative Revolutions credo below. Then consider: What’s your credo? To craft your statement of belief, access the online workshop using the button below.


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The Creative Revolutions Credo


We believe LIFE is an invitation and we say yes to living in full expression.

We stand for rainbow days when you can taste technicolor raindrops and burst into song and dance, because baby you’re amazed at the whole enchilada. We live for that moment when you see with the eyes of the heart that you have wings and rivers of miracles running through your heart.

We value curiosity, experimentation, ideas and innovation.

Not only do we not think it will not kill the cat; we also believe it opens doors to unimagined possibility and not just a better mousetrap, but a whole new world. We try new things. It doesn’t always look smooth or clean. We may not make sense to many people. There’s a know sense beyond the nonsense, and we ask you to trust us as we try a brand new way. We’ll share our IDEAS for life and life’s work, and we hope some of those insights, directions, explorations, actions, and systems offer some help as you find a new way forward.


Creativity is our currency, and a revolution of love is the dream that’s coming true.

When we meet at the place where our daring adventures with the new lead us into an exploration of the territory of the soul, we expand radiantly and birth new creative revolutions into the world. We’re not always sure what’s next, but you can count on us to walk in the way that opens up.


We are explorers of the way – mapmakers, journey guides, and interpreters of an infinite grace in which we are always held.

It’s not acceptable that so much is lost in translation simply because some of us have lost our way. We’ll do what we can to offer a new perspective, trusting your soul’s knowing to find and follow the path to your NOW — that Next Opportunity Window that will open the way of miracles.


World-wide, wide-eyed wonder is what we’re after.

We believe this is the new www to connect our hearts and usher in a whole new way of seeing ourselves, a whole new way of being ourselves, and a whole new way of freeing ourselves.


Essentially, we want to surprise you.

We’ll begin to do that with a few introductions, helping you connect to your essential self, your essential journey, and your essential truth. We’ll do that by offering tools, anchors, and systems that will let each one of you connect to and create something of extraordinary beauty.


What matters most to you matters to us.

We’ll help you reclaim lost visions and reconnect to dreams you thought had died. Best of all, we’ll be here to champion your creative revolutions, helping you connect your revolution of love to a thirsty world and share your dream for the world through one-of-a-kind communication that’s crystal clear and rings true to the whole of who you are and all the reasons you are here.


We believe that radiant expansion and exponential growth are your birthright.

Furthermore, you have everything you need within. We just want to help you awaken to that and find your flow from this new fertile crescent of hope for humanity that begins right there inside your heart, flowing through you and spilling out like a cascading waterfall of love.


The miracle is you. You come bearing fine gifts of original design, sacred seeds of essence meant to be shared here and now.

We will plant our seeds and watch them grow, delighting in all the beautiful lines that connect us one to the other in this beautiful life. We delight in the honor of bearing witness to your beautiful process of being and becoming, and we’re happy to be on the way with you.


Connecting Points for Radiant Expansion from Within

  • Credo Workshop with Dawn RichersonAccess the Credo workshop to create a guiding statement for your life and life’s work.
  • The 24 LIFE Systems (or “Soular Systems) for Radiant Expansion in Your Life and in Your Life’s Work. Be sure to join the next Year of Creative Revolutions to come more fully to your LIFE and Live In Full Expression.
  • If you are a coach, consultant, counselor, or lead a humanitarian or social services organization, you may be interested in licensing options for one or all of our map systems and the corresponding SEEDS, STAR, and SEA Toolkits. AVAILABLE SOON