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I’m an innovator and a bit of a disrupter. I don’t believe in overhyped, overcharged services or making you believe you really won’t be ok if you do not hire me now. I DO believe in highly creative, innovative marketing that helps communicate What You Stand For, How You Stand Out, and Who You Stand With (see the Your Essential Brand workshop).

Scroll down for my signature Ideas that Fly Flyers and Video Shorts, the two most popular Done-for-You marketing services from Creative Revolutions! You may also be interested in these three ways to share your signature style and Your Essential Brand:

Your Extraordinary Bio   |   Your Extraordinary Book   |   Your Extraordinary Website


Ideas that Fly Flyers, Presentations, Basic Logos

Eye-catching Design + Quick Turnaround for Your Flyer
(Brochures, Report Rescues, Online Communication also available)

Usually $197 – Summer Sizzle Special $111!

Your message clearly communicated and
presented with pleasing visuals.


Flyer Design by Creative RevolutionsBrochure by Creative RevolutionsFlyer Design by Creative Revolutions

Gale Tolan Speaker Flyer - from Creative Revolutions Inc.

Dawn Richerson Portfolio







Send me an e-mail with details about what you are looking for
. I will confirm availability and send
an electronic invoice and get started right away on your flyer or simple design project.


Promotional Video Shorts to Highlight
Your Event, Book, Program, Product or Service

Launch Your Product or Service with Creative Marketing Tools
(Creative Revolutions has long been known for combining
strategic vision with creative execution)

Usually $297 – Summer Sizzle Special $197!

A short, animated video with music, short phrases and images
to pique interest in your book or business (You may provide images
or a brief video clip along with text).


Send me an e-mail with details about what you are looking for. I will confirm availability and send
an electronic invoice and get started right away on your flyer or simple design project. Please also include
all images and text information you would like to appear in the video. If you need help brainstorming
your project, contact Dawn about scheduling a strategic visioning / branding call first
and then order your video.

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Why Partner with Creative Revolutions?

  1. Revolutionary Results and Rave Reviews - see Dawn’s LinkedIn profile to see
    what people experience working with me and my team on done-for-you marketing projects.
  2. Expertise in brand message development, content development, and innovative
    marketing communications strategies + creative execution.
  3. Offer quick-turn services delivered with a high degree of creativity and professionalism.
  4. I actually am a transformational business owner and love nothing more than
    helping you bring your visionary business to life with creative marketing.


Ready to Get Started with ABC Done-for-You Marketing?

Great! Send an e-mail here with details about your project. Attach any specific images you wish to include.
Be sure you have everything together before you send your e-mail for easy communication! Once I receive your e-mail, I will send an invoice via PayPal. We will start on your project as soon as payment is received. I will be in touch if there are any questions.

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