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Dawn Richerson

Hi! I’m Dawn Richerson, founder and CEO of Creative Revolutions. 

I offer a variety of creative maps and tools that turn your key messages and original content (books, talking points, presentations and more) into eye-catching visual content.

Using my signature Essential Notes and Soul Essence Art {SEA} doodle processes along with creative mapping and natural creative and graphic interpretation skills, I combine keywords, core concepts, doodles, and energetic connections, and symbols to communicate your message in a unique, creative format.

Speakers, authors, and organizational leaders have used my notes to enhance presentations, boost book sales, enliven key events and workshops, and further engage their audience. Extend the impact of your essential message with Essential Notes and other graphic interpretation with an original creative map.

Let’s get started!



How to Use Essential Notes or Creative Map for Visual Learners


  • As a coloring page or simple visual tool as learners are listening to a call,
    delivery of your content in a presentation or provided in audio or video formats
  • As a review tool after learners have engaged with content
  • As a prompt for further exploration through doodling, journaling,
    or using the soul essence art technique


I’ve been doing this naturally all my life. As a student, my notebooks were filled with doodles and keywords that I would later color. I naturally brought this skill into strategic visioning sessions with authors and speakers as well as visionary leaders and organizations throughout my 20 years in business.


I’ve also created doodle books and original icons for various projects throughout my life. I tend to have an original approach and prefer to work intuitively rather than using more fixed methods.


Let’s talk about your project!

Sample Graphic Interpretation

Just the Facts: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

SEA Digital Design - Icons SEA Sketch

Sample Creative Notes for Nonprofit Organizations


  • WHO you, your organization, your business, your team, your interest group, your neighborhood, your family


  • WHAT plans, goal mapping, vision mapping, book notes, meeting notes, strategic planning, project goals, memories, storyboarding, curriculum outline


  • WHEN quarterly or end-of-year planning, when publishing a new book or product, anniversary year, key event or occasion


  • WHERE organizational meeting, public forum, think tank, family meeting, collaboration


  • WHY capture and share key points, ideas, highlights, and essential notes; document and memorialize special occasions, memories, events, and experiences; envision and imagine what’s possible, next best steps, future dreams and desires, and daring adventures with the new


  • HOW posters, meeting notes, murals, creative maps, graphic recording, graphic facilitation, idea mapping, visual mapping, mind mapping, decision mapping, curriculum maps for greater participant and facilitator engagement, soul gifts map, business development map, quarterly goals and objectives, annual report


How Essential Notes Enhance Your Product Offering

Essential Notes

My notes are unique and will allow you to provide your audience to engage with your content in a deeper way. They are especially well-suited for those visual learners and those who absorb content by engaging in activity as they are listening (nearly everybody according to some studies).

Essential Notes by Dawn enhances your powerful core content, extending its life and engaging visual learners at a deeper level.

Please contact me to set up a connection to discuss your event, retreat, book, information product, webinar, or meeting and agree on next steps (live meeting attendance, provided files, deliverables, etc.). I create Essential Notes from your original core content or on site as an attendee at your event.



Connect to Your “Fine Gifts of Original Design” with a Soul Gifts Map


Soul Gifts Map

I created my first Soul Gifts Map for myself at a time when I was longing for a deeper alignment between my soul’s truth and radiance and how I was using my gifts, skills and talent in my life and life’s work. 

A Soul Gifts Map from Dawn gives you a powerful visual tool for reconnection to Your Essential Self and Your Essential Gifts, allowing you to check in on a daily basis to what nourishes and replenishes your soul and how you are showing up with regard to what is most true in you.

When you purchase a Soul Gifts Map, I will e-mail you a series of questions and then use my intuition along with your answers to those questions to create an original “map” of your soul’s deepest knowing about who you are and how you most long to make a difference. It’s makes great gift for someone you love and for yourself.

Get a Soul Gifts Map here.




Click here to purchase Dawn’s Energetic Perspectives coloring book for a creative way to relieve stress, work through blocks and challenges, and embrace radiant expansion in life and life’s work.