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Since 1997, when I founded Creative Revolutions, I’ve been sharing my original Creative Revolutions MapsI have shared Tools, Anchors, and Systems for life and business with my clients for more than a decade now and love creating one-of-a-kind, inspiring Soul Gifts Maps for clients. I also see a part of my work is in distilling sweeping movements and shifts into digestible and practical steps that create more sustainable and whole new ways of seeing ourselves, being ourselves, and freeing ourselves.

FlowerofLifeSustainableSystemsSphere_edited-1What comes naturally to me presents a challenge for many, just as what comes naturally for many of you presents a far greater challenge than you might imagine for me! As a part of the radiant expansion of my life’s work, combined with my deep desire to spark a creative REVOLUTION OF LOVE,” which I have talked about since 2009, I made the decision to share these systems for life and life’s work with you. I pulled it all together, in 2015 releasing my book All Systems Go. Each of the 24 dynamic and sustainable systems offers eight Momentum Action Pathways, providing mini-MAPs for exploration, expression, and expansion.

The purpose of the three master system sets (SEEDS, STAR, and SEA systems), each comprised of 8 Map Systems, is a reconnection to WHAT MATTERS MOST — Your Essential Self, Journey, and Truth.  As you connect to your essential self, journey, and truth through these systems and the 3 Pathways, you expand radiantly from within. I’m working now on a graphic representation of the systems. When that’s available, just click the home page graphic or icons to access each map system. I invite and encourage you to adapt them, trusting your own inner guidance to inform your own radiant expansion from within.

You can also look for the Map System e-books pictured below on each system page (books will be released one at a time over the next several months). These books will provide a solid introduction to each map system and include sample SEEDS, STAR, and SEA tools and practices. Use the sidebar to navigate to the appropriate system page to learn more (details will be posted on map pages when books are released) or search Amazon here.


24 Dynamic and Sustainable Soular Systems


8 SEEDS Systems to Reconnect
to Your Essential Self

 >>> explore this master system set

1-The Clearing Map System
2-The Energy Map System
3-The Awakening Map System
4-The Essence Map System
5-The Interior Design Map System
6-The Mission Map System
7-The Expansion Map System
8-The Destiny Map System

8 STAR Systems to Reconnect
to Your Essential Journey

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 9-The LIFE Map System
10-The DREAM Map System
11-The VISION Map System
12-The IDEAS Map System
13-The FUTURE Map System
14-The BUSINESS Map System
15-The BRAND Map System
16-The BOOK Map System

8 SEA Systems to Reconnect
to Your Essential Truth

 >>> explore this master system set

17-The Inner Connection Map System
18-The InterConnectivity Map System
19-The Wholeness Map System
20-The Healing Map System
21-The Transformation Map System
22-The Revitalization Map System
23-The Truth Map System
24- The Beauty Map System


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