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Soul Gifts Maps


This creative and original visual map of your unique soul gifts will assist you to connect more deeply to the “fine gifts of original design” you are here to share. Your Soul Gifts Map is intended to support you as you bring your sacred mission to the world in this time of transformation.



Soul Gifts Maps are unique to the individual, providing a  creative and intuitive visual capture of the sacred seeds of essence and “fine gifts of original design” you come bearing.

  • Tap the energy of Your Essential Gifts, those “fine gifts of original design” and sacred seeds of essence entrusted to you and only you
  • Call you back to your core essence, Your Essential Self, the whole of who you are and all that matters most to you in this life
  • Show up with personal power and authenticity on Your Essential Journey, clear about who you are, why you are here, and where you are headed
  • Inspire you to live passionately from Your Essential Truth and bring forward a creative revolution in your life and life’s work

What happened when I created my own Soul Gifts Map and looked at it every day…

  • Aligned how I was investing my time with what I love most
  • Moved away for a year to be beside the still waters (and then was led back to the same place 3 years later!!) I now live in the Soul Streams Day Retreat Center and offer Your Essential Day retreats
  • Shared dozens of live and virtual workshops, live events and experiences
  • Went on a month-long tour through East and Midwest U.S., wrote Journey to the Heartland
  • Traveled to Ireland, then moved there for 18 months!
  • Shared dozens of Soul Streams experiences online
  • Wrote and published three books of poetry
  • Began to create art from the soul for the soul
  • Brought forward 24 “soular systems” and wrote All Systems Go with online workshops in process
  • Created the Lifeseeds core curriculum
  • Took long walks and gave myself time to explore in nature
  • Created my Energetic Perspectives coloring book
  • Received an opportunity to travel to the South of France, a place my soul remembers well, and had several mystical soul experiences which I plan to share at a later date
  • Began to share my soul gifts on an even deeper level, through Soul Share videos, books and a project in process
  • Spent a month at a cabin in Kentucky and another month in the desert Southwest for my own soul growth
  • Manifested an opportunity to return France and visited Spain with an amazing and completely unexpected activation at La Sagrada Familia and a turn of events that led to the 3 most magical, mystical days of my life
  • Accepted the universe’s invitation to return to Ireland for a week and was deeply moved by alignments that allowed me to participate in “A Reconciliation of Light” and quickly created a book to document what happened
  • Received a series of unexpected opportunities and made new connections that support my soul’s growth and radiant expansion in my life and life’s work — stay tuned 🙂
  • Drawing on my marketing communications background and my own experience, assisted three clients with the global launch of their soul missions through the unique blend of soulful, strategic support I offer
  • Drawing more consciously on my unique skill set and intuitive knowing, assisted a half dozen authors to bring their books to life with each book receiving accolades and major awards
  • Began to speak publicly on YouTube and elsewhere about soul recollections and my own soul’s journey in this life and received deep peace and joy from all the unexpected ways that supported others
  • Took bold steps to create exactly the kind of life that brings me joy, to include relationship and home changes and more

I can’t wait to see what unfolds next for me and for you!


What People Are Saying about SOUL GIFTS MAPS

“A breathtaking visual. It is so
intimate and personal, so ME!”

“Dawn, in my work I’ve run across a variety of spiritual / intuitive artists with different kinds of artistic output. I’d seen examples of your Soul Maps before and thought this looked like an interesting and fun service for you to provide.

But it wasn’t until I had my very own map
in my hands that I also experienced the POWER of it!
Words, images, colors, textures, mixed with your intuition and guidance, makes for a tool that touches me, mind, body and spirit. Thank you!!!”
Holly Matson

“An energy-infused, creative
capture of your soul’s essence!”

“All the things that are important to me are illustrated before my eyes… I see not only the words I wrote, but Dawn’s intuitive musings about what I’ve communicated, as well, which was a surprise to me.

There are phrases she felt inspired to create in addition to my own musings, so perfectly unified with my own thoughts, I laughed, thinking, “That should be my new catch phrase!” 🙂 It almost brings tears to my eyes, it’s so preciously personal.
LOVE IT. Thank you!”
Wendy Fedan

“I don’t have words yet, but
in my heart something
really big is stirring…”

“AMAZING! It all resonates so deeply…. I just can’t get over how you captured all that information in one beautiful design. Truly stunning. ”
Sandi Wedemeier

Ready to Grow Your Soul and Share Your Gifts?

Get your Soul Gifts Map today for a daily reconnection to the whole of who you are and notice how you show up more powerfully in the world, bringing forward all the gifts of your soul and finding your forward flow.


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