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who want professionally-produced books that
are fully accessible to readers.

You and your organization have a sacred story,
a great learning and wisdom earned 
that is
a treasure.
Isn’t it time you shared it?


Dawn Richerson

Hi! I’m Dawn Richerson, founder and CEO of Creative Revolutions. 

I’ve helped hundreds of authors develop and polish book content, then publish the easy way. You have something invaluable to share, and a book helps you connect your mission to new audiences.

Creative Revolutions offers book development, editing, and publishing services to bring Your Extraordinary Book to life. Our approach allows you to retain all rights to your content and maximize profits.

If you don’t have a manuscript yet, we can help you shape your book and structure your content with a Writing + Editing package. We will take care of all of the details in making your book easily accessible to as wide an audience as possible. I look forward to learning about your vision and offering support that is both soulful and strategic

Let’s get started!