SEA Sustainable Systems

SEA systems support you as you reconnect to Your Essential Truth and expand radiantly in your life and life’s work. SEA is an acronym for Soul Essence Art and Adventures and this is the path of SOUL EXPANSION.

This pathway and these 8 SEA Systems, each comprised of eight momentum action pathways (a MAP), provide a portal to a whole new way of freeing yourself. Together, the SEA systems invite you into the dance of your life as you embrace a new vision for change.


The 8 SEA Systems to Connect to Your Essential Truth and All That Matters Most for a Whole New Way of Freeing Yourself as LOVE

17-Inner Connection Map System

18-InterConnectivity Map System

19-Wholeness Map System

20-Healing Map System

21-TransformationMap System

22-Revitalization Map System

23-Truth Map System

24-Beauty Map System

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A Year of Creative Revolutions: Your Play of Light